Engineer Ali Khreis
Ali Khreis 2013

Ali Issa Khreis is an Electrotechnic Diplom Engineer specialized in Hardware & Software, graduated in 1989 with distinction from the Technical University of Berlin (west), Germany. He worked as a student assistant researcher on the development of a computer controlled vehicle at the Institute of Foerdertechnik, Berlin, Germany. Later, he had been involved in the development of a new hardware architecture based on multiprocessor systems and of a new intelligent operating system for robotics control, as a researcher in the Frauenhofer-Institute Berlin. After graduation he taught courses in data processing and in fundamentals of informatics in the Technische Fachhochschule Berlin, Germany. He got the German citizenship in 1993. Then he worked till 1997 as a developer engineer in the Integrated Measurement & Control Company (IMC- Berlin) at the domain of computer supported measurement technology. His tasks included designing digital systems and programming digital signal processors in Low level & High level Programming languages. Engineer Ali Khreis has started the academic work in Lebanon in 1999 as a computer trainer, and two years later as a computer instructor at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Tourism & Hospitality Management (FTHM). Now he is responsible for managing the entire digital network, computer labs and database in the faculty. He is also working on the development of the faculty website. Since 2004 he has been a member/chairman of computer board exams for candidates to public sectors in the Civil Service Board, Lebanese Republic. In 2009, he gave several computer Courses: Server hardware and networks, as a lecturer for public servants in the Ecole National d’Administration, Lebanese Republic. Since 2010, the FTHM became an IATA authorized training center and he took charge of its technical coordination. In order to improve his skills in teaching and managing the IATA courses, he obtained, in 2012, the diploma of Foundation in Travel & Tourism with distinction from the IATA Training & Development Institute Montreal, Canada. He is also a member of the technical staff and the technical committee in the HELAND project (EU – ENPI European Neighborhood Partnership Initiative funded project). Its aim is to promote socio-economic sustainable development through innovative technological actions for Mediterranean tourism-heritage and landscape protection clusters.


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